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Senior Citizen Homes - A Boon or Bane - Home Care Services
senior citizen homes

Senior Citizen Homes – A Boon or Bane

When people start getting older and becoming more dependent on others, they are usually referred to as senior citizen homes. However, while many people consider it a boon, some people feel it a bane. Let us look into the merits and demerits of the senior citizen homes.

What are the Advantages of Senior Citizen Homes?

Man is mortal. This is unfortunately or fortunately an eternal truth. Old age is extremely painful when one becomes incapable of taking care of him or herself without outside help. In a world where nuclear families have become the order of the day, it becomes difficult for the young to take care of their old parents and relatives when they go to work and have to leave behind their elders at the mercy of fate.

This is when the option of sending the elderly person to a senior citizen home is a boon. You can be sure that your parents or your elder relatives have someone who will look after them and take care of their requirements.

Another great advantage is that the elders will have people of their own age to interact with, which is again a great boon. This is so because elders are usually the most neglected people in any home. Their grandchildren have their own circles; their children have jobs and social life to attend which leaves the elderly alone. Loneliness is one of the most painful afflictions known to man.

senior citizen homes

What are the Disadvantages?

What would you do if you have a small child at home who cannot take care of itself? You would definitely arrange to leave it in a daycare center. Nobody would frown on it. This is a matter of convenience and safety for all involved. When an old person is sent to a senior citizen home, many times it is a matter of great trauma.

Some reports say that three of every five elders who are not capable anymore to look after themselves if given a choice, they would rather welcome death in their own homes than go to a senior citizen home. However, when they are old they do not have much say in their own life. They are not given the right to choose.

It is many times heartbreaking to see how an old person is carted to the senior citizen homes. The major disadvantage is that it brings man down to an object. It makes one feel small, helpless, and insignificant. This is definitely not the way a human should spend the golden years of his or her life.

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