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Nursing Home Activities - Keeping Seniors Active - Home Care Services
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Nursing Home Activities – Keeping Seniors Active

Nursing home activities can help seniors stay healthy both physically and mentally. By being active seniors can lead longer, more productive lives and hopefully be happier in their golden years. The nursing home activities however have to be in tune with the abilities and interests of the residents themselves.

Usually, nursing home activities are planned in conjunction with the residents. The nursing home activities need to be of interest to the residents and something they want to participate in. After all, if there is no interest in it among the residents, what’s the point in putting the program together in the first place?

A Variety of Activities

Every nursing home that participates in Medicare or Medicaid has to have a specific person as the designated activities coordinator. These coordinators should schedule activities that the residents are interested in and that they are able to participate in. Usually, the activities are posted on a monthly calendar so that all of the residents can plan their days and know what they can look forward to doing each day.

Activities can be just about anything the residents want to do. Celebrations can be a monthly occurrence, especially if the resident’s birthdays are celebrated each month. Holidays are also popular celebrations and can help some of the residents cope with the separation from their families.

Games can be a very popular nursing activity and can be group activities or individual activities. Bingo is probably the most widely planned group activity when it comes to games. Bridge or other card games can often be organized into group activities that can be enjoyed by everybody.

Occasionally, trips outside the premises can be one of the scheduled home activities. These trips or tours can be to various events in the surrounding area and are usually only trips that last a day. Fine arts productions, museums, and just about any other community activity can be planned as a day trip.

Nursing home activities can be chosen from a wide variety of ideas, but should usually be chosen based on the resident’s preferences. Since the residents will be the ones participating, an activity should only be something that there is a general interest in. Home activities can help residents stay emotionally and physically fit as well as help pass the days. A good nursing home should have a variety of nursing home activities and should offer them on a regular basis.

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